Adrian Earnshaw is perhaps the only composer on the planet whose music can take you to church AND to space  - literally!

Born in Blackpool and raised in Fleetwood where its coastal charm inspires him to this day, Adrian's musical journey started at age 11 when his local church's organ caught both his ear and heart. That, along with getting happily lost in the music of Jean-Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream and his first synthesizer, led to a dream of his own that came true in the most magical of ways:

For the past 24 years, he's been the organist at that very same church (where he's also Music Director and co-directs its choir), and that little Casio with only six sounds and drum samples led to a big passion for creating electronic music whose soundscapes are as infinite as the universe they evoke - each one as organic as it is cinematic, and each a melodic yet mellifluous adventure into the cosmos and beyond.

Adrian is currently working on an ever-expanding collection of tracks that can be streamed, purchased or licensed along with a variety of Omnisphere patch libraries, provides bespoke pieces upon request, and has a growing list of helpful tips, tricks and reviews on YouTube. He invites you to 'voyage' over to his shop and channel, sign up for some fun e-mail 'blasts',  and looks forward to helping you launch your ears - and projects - into the stratosphere.