Cosmic Dawn for Omnisphere 2

Things may have appeared to slow down on the website of late, and there’s been a good reason. Today I announce the release of a new and exciting patch library for Omnisphere.

I give you Cosmic Dawn for Omnisphere, which…

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Perihelion - Omnisphere Patch Library

Hey everyone, hope you are keeping well. Recently I launched a patch library for Omnisphere for those working to produce Ambient, Electronica and Soundtrack work. There are 88 patches in total stretching from pads to leads and synth bass. I…

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Native Instruments Free Instruments & Effects

Hey everyone, hope you are doing well. It's been a fair while since my last blog post. I've been working on a number of projects that have kept me very busy and out of mischief. However, I wanted to make…

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Sonic Extensions by Spectrasonics

Last week there were plenty of tech announcements from the likes of Apple and Google. The one that caught my eye the most though was from Spectrasonics. After watching their presentation, both Tim and Sundar could learn a lesson or…

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Link in Bio - Musaic

How is everyone doing? Things are slowly getting back to normal and live concerts are starting to return. With all this flurry of new activity from musicians, it can be hard to keep tabs on all the new things that…

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Cityscapes and more

Hey everyone,

I've not posted on her in a while as I have been going through a few ups and downs at the moment. Long story short, I lost my mum in September last year and to be honest my…

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Live Mode in Omnisphere

About 2 years ago I recorded what should have been the start of a small series of videos detailing how to use Live Mode in Omnisphere. Well, I published one and to be honest I forgot to follow this series…

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Omnisphere - Granular Synthesis

Hello everyone, well we are here for the big one. In this tutorial about Omnisphere we are finally going to look at ---drum roll please--- Granular Synthesis. Yes, Omnisphere has the proverbial kitchen sink in ways to mangle and shape…

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Omnisphere - Ring modulation

Hello Everyone. 

I have been running a series over on YouTube looking at the different parts of Omnisphere by Spectrasonics. You can view these by heading on over to my channel. We are going to continue our journey through…

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