Link in Bio - Musaic

How is everyone doing? Things are slowly getting back to normal and live concerts are starting to return. With all this flurry of new activity from musicians, it can be hard to keep tabs on all the new things that are happening. There are also some social media outlets, for example Instagram, that don't allow you to provide direct links in your post. Enter the phrase 'Link in Bio', but where do you actually link to?

On my internet travels I came across a great tool called Musaic. This allows you to provide a one-stop page to advertise all your social media links, YouTube videos, Spotify streaming links and much more including your next live concert. I put together a little video to provide a broad overview of this service that any musician will find useful. It helps unify your message to fans and also somewhere you can direct them for your latest releases.

I think you will agree after watching this video that Musaic is a very useful tool to use in all your social media profiles. While you are here, please consider subscribing to the newsletter. Just head on over to the home page and pop in your e-mail address.


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