News for the Week - 9 November 2020

The weeks keep flying by and we have another jam-packed week of news for you. So without further ado, we wave goodbye to some wires as Genki instruments introduce Wavefront and bring Bluetooth MIDI to your modular synthesizer - at least it will cut down on some that spaghetti junction look, every little helps.

RobPapen has released Blade 2, which has a new Additive mode which allows you to mix between 4 additive waveforms using the XY Pas and lots more.  this is an impressive update to the original Blade synth and worth checking out.

Joranalogue introduced the Fold 6 Series/Parallel Wavefolder For Eurorack Modular Synthesizers for more information visit - 

Wide Blue Sound has introduced Elysium, a two-layer synth that they say is ‘designed for creating music infused with tonal rhythms, movement and unrivalled playability.” 

Let's take a break from some news for a while and listen to some music by Lisa Bella Donna and have a relaxing start to the day - 

Triple Spiral Audio in conjunction with Heartwood Soundware bring you Opal for U-he Diva - sounding good and a nice addition to this lovely VST 

3 Ways to create the infamous autotune vocal effect in Cubase - "Play" your voice LIVE on the keyboard! check out this video by Dom Sigalas - 

Spotify announced their latest mad plan ‘Amplifying Artist' read more on this story here - the rich get richer and us musicians get poorer. 

Floyd Steinberg walks us through how he DIY built his own synthesizer with a Raspberry Pi, it is amazing what this little box can do. Nice one Floyd and thanks for sharing - 

AudioThing, in collaboration with German synthesist Hainbach, has introduced Wires, a new audio effect that emulates a 70’s Soviet wire recorder. For more information visit - 

FACT magazine captures a live modular jam by Hélène Vogelsinger‘ that took place in an abandoned French castle. Sounds fantastic, thank you for sharing guys 👍 

Korg has introduced the Nautilus keyboard workstation, which is a more affordable version of their flagship Kronos keyboard. The Nautilus features 9 different synth engines and a variety of new sounds 

Oblivion Sound Lab has announced the release of Hex Drum, a virtual instrument inspired by synth drum machines of the 1980s, in particular, the Simmons SDS series with its distinctive hexagonal drum pads, from which the plugin takes its name 

Another music pitstop. This is fascinating to watch as each note has it's own shape on the oscilloscope - it's one of those hypnotic displays you can't take your eyes off. 

Ableton has announced version 11 of the popular music creation and performance software, LIVE. You can get an overview of the update here - 

Developer Brian Clevinger of Absynth fame has released a demo version of his new software synth, Plasmonic. For more details head on over to - 

Sonicstate put the Udo Audio Polysynth Super 6 under the microscope. Check out the review here - 

Korg has officially announced its Opsix reimagined six-operator FM synthesizer. More information on Korg's website here - 

Apple has introduced the first MacOS computers featuring its internally-developed M1 processor, the new MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac mini - 

We finish the week off with one of my compositions. The Cosmic Perspective is a track using just the patches from the library Realm of Omnisphere II. The only addition not part of this library are the drums

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