Omnisphere - Ring modulation

Hello Everyone. 

I have been running a series over on YouTube looking at the different parts of Omnisphere by Spectrasonics. You can view these by heading on over to my channel. We are going to continue our journey through…

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Omnisphere - Bob Moog Tribute Library - Update

About a week ago Spectrasonics gave owners of the Bob Moog Tribute Library a nice surprise. To mark the 10th Anniversary of this library, Spectrasonics updated it to Version 2.0 and gave owners 500 new patches for free. There is…

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Omnisphere Search - How to find that patch

Omnisphere is a powerful and vast software synthesizer come rompler come sample engine. Out of the box, it comes with over 14,000 patches for you to play with, but how do you go about finding the one you want. I’m…

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Omnisphere - CPU Management

In this Omnisphere tutorial, we are going to look at CPU Management. I think we all know what a resource hog Omnisphere can be, but there are ways of taming this beast. 

Omnisphere itself is multitimbral, but unfortunately, it is…

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Hyperfocus - Book Recommendation

Hello everyone, this blog post is something slightly different as we're going to talk about a book that I've been reading. It's called Hyperfocus - How to Work Less and Achieve More by Chris Bailey. This is a really good…

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Setting Goals for 2021

Well, here we go with a whole new blank canvas to start with, Happy New Year. We've made it to the other side after 2020, which has been a terrible year for so many people in more ways than one…

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Oblivion Patch Library for Omnisphere by Tom Wolfe

I had the privilege of playing with Oblivion, a patch library for Omnisphere made by Tom Wolfe. This particular Tom Wolfe is neither the author nor the music supervisor, but he does create some stonking patch libraries for Omnisphere. These…

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Heavyocity: Ascend Modern Grand - Sample Library

Before I being, this is just not any ordinary piano sample library, this is a Heavyocity sample library. If you haven't come across Heavyocity before, they have created a whole stable of sample libraries that are great for those hybrid…

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Spectrasonics Trilian Update

The other week Spectrasonics provided an update to their flagship bass synth, Trilian. This already was a great synth/rompler for creating deep earth-shaking bass sounds. The update brought with it 200 brand new sounds for us to play with, you…

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News from the week 16th November 2020

If you missed this week's Twitter feed, here's the best news from the music front condensed into one post.

Developer Hagai Davidoff has released ZoneMatrix and turns Native Instruments Kontakt into ‘A Monstrous Performance Tool’ You can find out more…

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News from the week - 2 November 2020

We have had another busy news week. To keep up to date follow me on Twitter and never miss a beat. 

First up we had Modal Electronics who announced a new virtual analogue waveform synth Cobalt. Head on over to…

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