News from the week 16th November 2020

If you missed this week's Twitter feed, here's the best news from the music front condensed into one post.

Developer Hagai Davidoff has released ZoneMatrix and turns Native Instruments Kontakt into ‘A Monstrous Performance Tool’ You can find out more…

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News from the week - 2 November 2020

We have had another busy news week. To keep up to date follow me on Twitter and never miss a beat. 

First up we had Modal Electronics who announced a new virtual analogue waveform synth Cobalt. Head on over to…

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Midi to Audio

This is something that I wish I had learned right at the beginning of my music-making career. Do you, or should you, bounce or convert your midi tracks to audio? It can be said that a project is not truly…

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As a child, my parents were forever playing classical music alongside the classics from the 50s/60s and is probably why I never got into mainstream pop growing up. It wasn’t until around the early 80s that synthesizer music first crept…

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The Art of Rebranding

Those that have been following my journey over the last couple of years have to come to know me as Biodiode. I rarely posted photographs of myself and, until recently, never appeared in my YouTube tutorial videos. Rebranding has, therefore…

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