Live Mode in Omnisphere

About 2 years ago I recorded what should have been the start of a small series of videos detailing how to use Live Mode in Omnisphere. Well, I published one and to be honest I forgot to follow this series on. So, 2 years later I finished the series after being prompted by one of my subscribers, thanks for that.

What is Live Mode? In a nutshell it allows you to use Omnisphere as a live instrument bringing in selected parts as and when you need them. With the useful 'Latch' facility, you can have a nice pulsing baseline pumping along whilst you play a dreamy lead over the top. All this without each layer interfering with the other as you tickle those ivories.

The best way to demonstrate this is by some actual videos. In part one we take a look at what you can actually do when in this mode and the various parameters you can play with. We start to get a little technical in part two as we set up some key switches to move between the parts. I also show you how to record this as a MIDI performance so you can make edits at a later date.

For those that perform in a live environment or just want to capture a live performance part three is where you want to go. In this part, I show you how to record the output from Omnisphere as audio using Cubase. Although I use Cubase, you can use a similar method in most popular DAWs to achieve the same thing.

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Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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