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Hey everyone,

I've not posted on her in a while as I have been going through a few ups and downs at the moment. Long story short, I lost my mum in September last year and to be honest my heart is just not in the music for now. Call it lost would be probably the best way of putting it. 

Having said that I have done a little more in the way of tutorials as those who use Omnisphere will relate to. I did, however, manage to write a new track and release and old one. The old one is called Before I Go:

This is was written the middle of last year but I have just got around to releasing it these last few weeks.

If you are trying to nail that guitar strum but don't play the guitar, then I have you covered in this little tutorial:

Just remember that the last note of the strum has to finish on the beat otherwise it just sounds sloppy and out of time. Guitarists play to anticipate the beat in order to keep time with the rest of the band. We then move on to my latest track that has a little background story to it. First off this was written using a pad sound from Argon 8M piped into Omnisphere. The other instrumentation came from Omnisphere with the old but still quite beautiful Stylus RMX providing the drums.

Whilst making this track there was an emergency further in town as a building had caught fire. I had my window open at the time and could hear the distant sirens, which seemed to fit well with the track. It was too late to grab my Zoom H5 to capture the moment so I made do with some samples from an earlier recording session. So without further ado here's the track:

If you have any comments about the videos or the music you here, pop them below and I will get back to you. Remember to sign up for the newsletter and you will receive notification when I post next, the latest deals out there along with a few discount codes.

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