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Lunar Rays

This track was built upon a simple drone, which is a mix between Omnisphere and Vocalise 3. The sparse percussion provides a little interest to the track as we move along.


Cosmic Voyager

A trip through the cosmos and beyond. This album channels Adrian Earnshaw’s love for outer space and blends it with electronic music. This will take you on a veritable journey that is both relaxing and mysterious in equal doses.

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Ambient & Electronica

A selection of single tracks composed and arranged by Adrian Earnshaw. Perfect for just chilling and relaxing to and taking your mind off the world, even if it is for a brief moment in time.


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It’s good to talk, connect with Adrian and keep up to date with what he is working on via his social media channels by clicking the link below and subscribing to the newsletter.

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Adrian Earnshaw

musician and composer

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