Spectrasonics Trilian Update

The other week Spectrasonics provided an update to their flagship bass synth, Trilian. This already was a great synth/rompler for creating deep earth-shaking bass sounds. The update brought with it 200 brand new sounds for us to play with, you also got an update to the Arp/Sequencer page. You can now have beautiful rolling sequences playing in Trilian with, almost, all the features of the Omnisphere engine. All this was provided as a free update.

Not to be left out, new sounds were created for Omnisphere using the updated sources from Trilian. This new library is called "Trilian Creative" and brings the power of these two synths together in one unit. You may notice that Trilian only provides for two sound sources compared to the four of Omnisphere. When you consider it, this seems a good choice as bass frequencies can easily muddy your mix and so the fewer sources you can play together, the clearer your overall production.

Enough waffling from me, I created a little video exploring these new features and taking you on a tour of how to just find the new patches. A little hint, just type 1.5 into the search bar within Trilian. Oh and don't forget that unique to Trilian is the macro page, which I briefly touch on in this video:-


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