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Perihelion - Omnisphere Patch Library

Hey everyone, hope you are keeping well. Recently I launched a patch library for Omnisphere for those working to produce Ambient, Electronica and Soundtrack work. There are 88 patches in total stretching from pads to leads and synth bass. I…

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Omnisphere - Bob Moog Tribute Library - Update

About a week ago Spectrasonics gave owners of the Bob Moog Tribute Library a nice surprise. To mark the 10th Anniversary of this library, Spectrasonics updated it to Version 2.0 and gave owners 500 new patches for free. There is…

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Setting Goals for 2021

Well, here we go with a whole new blank canvas to start with, Happy New Year. We've made it to the other side after 2020, which has been a terrible year for so many people in more ways than one…

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Spectrasonics Trilian Update

The other week Spectrasonics provided an update to their flagship bass synth, Trilian. This already was a great synth/rompler for creating deep earth-shaking bass sounds. The update brought with it 200 brand new sounds for us to play with, you…

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News from the week 16th November 2020

If you missed this week's Twitter feed, here's the best news from the music front condensed into one post.

Developer Hagai Davidoff has released ZoneMatrix and turns Native Instruments Kontakt into ‘A Monstrous Performance Tool’ You can find out more…

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The Art of Rebranding

Those that have been following my journey over the last couple of years have to come to know me as Biodiode. I rarely posted photographs of myself and, until recently, never appeared in my YouTube tutorial videos. Rebranding has, therefore…

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