Heavyocity: Ascend Modern Grand - Sample Library

Before I being, this is just not any ordinary piano sample library, this is a Heavyocity sample library. If you haven't come across Heavyocity before, they have created a whole stable of sample libraries that are great for those hybrid scoring moments. I have looked at their Mosaic Voices and Mosaic Keys library previously and you can catch these on my YouTube channel.

This is time I take you for a spin through Heavyocity: Ascend Modern Grand, which uses a sampled Concert D captured in stunning detail. The piano has also been sampled whilst an e-bow is used to excite the strings. The library weighs in at a whopping 47.8GB uncompressed, but due to the way Kontakt compresses the samples it will use 23.3GB on your drive.

So, without further ado here's a tour of Ascend:-


Just to show how versatile this library can be, I composed an Ambient track. This is a strange one for me as normally I gravitate towards the minor key when composing ambient or electronic tracks. However, this time I have written this one in E Major and given it a completely different sound. So sit back and chill out to this meditative, cinematic soundscape made with Heavyocity Ascend:


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