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Sonic Extensions by Spectrasonics

Last week there were plenty of tech announcements from the likes of Apple and Google. The one that caught my eye the most though was from Spectrasonics. After watching their presentation, both Tim and Sundar could learn a lesson or…

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Oblivion Patch Library for Omnisphere by Tom Wolfe

I had the privilege of playing with Oblivion, a patch library for Omnisphere made by Tom Wolfe. This particular Tom Wolfe is neither the author nor the music supervisor, but he does create some stonking patch libraries for Omnisphere. These…

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Heavyocity: Ascend Modern Grand - Sample Library

Before I being, this is just not any ordinary piano sample library, this is a Heavyocity sample library. If you haven't come across Heavyocity before, they have created a whole stable of sample libraries that are great for those hybrid…

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