Setting Goals for 2021

Well, here we go with a whole new blank canvas to start with, Happy New Year. We've made it to the other side after 2020, which has been a terrible year for so many people in more ways than one. Hopefully, will be much, much, much better and I thought we'll do something a little different to kick this year off. What I am going to talk about is goals and how to measure how you've actually progressed in your music journey.

I will try to keep things as short and to the point as possible, so one of the things I would suggest is that you go get a piece of paper and a pen. Now sit down and write where you think you are on your music journey right now, as of today. What are your abilities? What do you think requires more work. Once you've written those thoughts down, put it away in a draw but don't lose it because you will be referring to that later on.

This time next year I want you to write about yourself again. What have you learned in the last year? Where are you now on your musical journey? How have you grown? What has been your successes and failures. Once you've done that, get out that piece of paper that you wrote this year and compare. I think you will be pleasantly surprised as to how far you've actually come. 

If you start by setting meaningful goals, little goals, don't set out by saying "Oh, I want to be writing for film in one year", that's not going to happen unless you are extremely lucky. That type of goal is a long term one that you build towards gradually. What I want you to do is come up with a little goal, like releasing an album or successfully promoting a single. Again, you will be surprised how far you progress by setting little achievable goals. The key here is to make them achievable.

This is a short article to give you a little boost at the beginning of this year and show you how to set out achievable goals and be self-accountable. If you want, you can actually do this exercise on a monthly basis. Write about yourself this month and then do the same next month, compare and contrast as to how you are progressing. You can then just grow and enjoy your journey.

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Take care, stay safe, and enjoy your musical journey.



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