Perihelion - Omnisphere Patch Library

Hey everyone, hope you are keeping well. Recently I launched a patch library for Omnisphere for those working to produce Ambient, Electronica and Soundtrack work. There are 88 patches in total stretching from pads to leads and synth bass. I also cover the pounding Berlin School style bass sequence that permeet my music from time to time. All of these patches have been used in some shape way or form in the music that I have produced. So they are tried and tested to fit in a musical sense.

You can learn more about this patch library in this video:



To hear them in a music context I've put these little tracks together:



I truly hope you enjoy this patch library and find it useful in your music production. There will be more to come soon with an even bigger patchl library. Remember, sign up to the newsletter and you will be notified when it is out and a handy discount code.

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