Uninstall Your Audio Plugins Now! Quick and Easy Tutorial for Mac

Hey everyone, Happy New Year to you all we’ve made it through another year on this planet. I would like to wish you a happy, successful and productive year in whatever you choose to do. Are you struggling to uninstall plugins that haunt your Mac like digital ghouls? Let's banish them together with this awesome tool called Audio Plugin Uninstaller!

Just remember that Christmas shopping spree where you bought everything and then regretted half of it? Removing plugins can be just as messy. For those that use a Mac you know the pain of trying to uninstall a plugin and leaving remnants of it behind. Files get scattered, settings go rogue, and your Mac starts groaning under the weight of digital clutter. But fear not, Mac users! Today, we're wielding the ultimate exorcist for unwanted plugins - Audio Plugin Uninstaller. 

First you need to head on over to widebluesound website and download the utility. You can get your copy by clicking this link >> Wide Blue Sound << Once downloaded, install the utility following the on-screen instructions and prompts and then launch the app.

Time to Banish Those Unused Plugins

We have two tabs on this utility, the first one is uninstallers. This works by reading the original installation scripts and reversing the process, while making sure not to uninstall files used by other plugins. If you cannot find the plugin you want to uninstall, the it doesn’t have a normal receipt file. This is where the All Plugins tab comes in.

All Plugins mode can delete any individual plugin. You can filter this view by the plugin format using the selector at the bottom here, so you can zoom in on AU format or VST 2/3 formats allowing you to remove the formats you no longer use. You can also use the reveal in finder option so you can manually quarantine a plugin for troubleshooting purposes. To access this, just right click on the plugin and choose ‘reveal in finder’. This is also handy to go to the plugin if you ever have to manually update it. If you know the name of the plugin, you can search for it in the finder bar at the top. So if I type in CS-80, I get the CS-80 plugin.

Multi Format

This utility works with all formats, including VST, VST3, AU, AAX, CLAP and RTAS.

See how easy that was? No more hunting for hidden files or praying to the tech gods. This baby works with all formats, from VST to RTAS, and even lets you remove plugins you barely remember installing. You can check this out more in the following video:

So, if you're tired of plugin purgatory and want to reclaim your Mac's sanity, hit that thumbs up on the video, subscribe to the YouTube channel for more music tips magic, and leave a comment below with your biggest plugin removal nightmare! Let's clean up those digital graveyards together!

Until next time, stay creative, stay sonic, and I'll catch you in the next one! 🎵✨

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