Omnisphere - Bob Moog Tribute Library - Update

About a week ago Spectrasonics gave owners of the Bob Moog Tribute Library a nice surprise. To mark the 10th Anniversary of this library, Spectrasonics updated it to Version 2.0 and gave owners 500 new patches for free. There is lot to get through in this library and I gave a quick whistle stop tour in this video.

If you haven't already purchased this library then head on over to Spectrasonics and get your copy. To just bring up the new patches all you need to do is type V2 in the search field. This will bring up all the new patches for you to play with, all 500 of them. These patches have been provided by some of the music industries greats, Hans Zimmer, Jean-Michel Jarre and The Crystal Method to name a few. All proceeds from this library go to the Bob Moog Foundation.

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