News from the week 16th November 2020

If you missed this week's Twitter feed, here's the best news from the music front condensed into one post.

Developer Hagai Davidoff has released ZoneMatrix and turns Native Instruments Kontakt into ‘A Monstrous Performance Tool’ You can find out more in this video and here 

The Vector synthesizer – a digital hardware synthesizer produced in Prague, Czech Republic – has been updated to version 2.2 - has introduced the QCF22, a foldable, patch-and-go cabinet that’s designed for studio and live performance. Head on over here for more information - 

Ian Boddy has released a new album, Axiom (DiN64), that he says is inspired by the ‘Kosmische music’ of the ’70s. You can grab it from Bandcamp - 

Take a step back in time and look at the Roland System 100 - 
this is and still remains such an iconic semi-modular synth. Lots of electronic music tracks were born from this synthesizer by Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Human League, Erasure, Vangelis, Tears for Fears, Hans Zimmer and Tangerine Dream.

Hainbach and Bram Bos have made the ultimate tape loop-style field looper for iOS, this is great for us more mobile musicians 

Spectrasonics has sneaked in a huge update to Trilian their monster bass instrument. This is a huge update and you can hear the new features on this excellent video with free comedy and an awesome drummer. 

We started Wednesday morning with some soothing vibes from Omri Cohen and Amy Naylor in this sketch for ModularSynth and Handpan 

Following this smooth start to the day, we moved on to some insane moves on this modular jam with Simon Littauer 

This next track by Faux Tales brought things down a notch to a more chilled setting, really nice job and thanks for sharing 

Robert Hood’s ‘Mirror Man’ album drops later this month on Rekids. Attack Magazine spoke with the Detroit techno legend about the role of techno as protest music and about making the machines bleed. 

SoundtheoryLtd has announced its upcoming Black Friday Sale with a 35% discount on their Gullfoss audio equalizer plugin 

Cableguys FilterShaper Core 2 audio effect plugin on sale at 50% OFF over on plugin boutique. This is a great way to shape your sound and make it interesting - 

We wish Reason a Happy Birthday I remember the first time this software came to market, cannot believe that this was 20 years ago. Grab a goodie bag download from them here - 

Save up to 50% on popular IKMultimedia software from now through to 4th January 2021. Go grab yourself some deals - 

It's Soundtoys time for their Black Friday deal with some great discounts on their plugins. These are great for warping and morphing your sound, your classic go-to plugins - 

Interesting new synth for Steinberg Halion by Miclop who introduce Mother Source is designed to create 130 different sounds from each preset. So 200 Presets =26000 possible sounds, that's an awful lot of sounds to check out. 

Avid has introduced Pro Tools | Carbon a new audio interface that is a complete project studio solution that has immense capability. for more information 

We round the week off with my little overview of the update to Trilian by Spectrasonics, bringing this up to version 1.5. There are some excellent new sounds from this update that we explore in this video -

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